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Nottinghamshire Veterans and Families Partnership - Terms of Reference

Part of my work is to be involved with agencies that provide care for people Living with PTSD.  My involvement isn't limited just to the care of Veterans but this particular groups aims are.  I felt that it would be useful to start sharing certain documents so that you can be aware of what's going ... and perhaps share ideas that you may find useful to adopt for other groups in other areas.

Nottinghamshire Veterans and Families Partnership Group Terms of Reference Draft v1.1

1.      Introduction

The Nottinghamshire Veterans Partnership group is hosted by Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust. It is a forum where all organisations that have an interest in Veterans integrated mental, physical and social care can meet to form a strategic alliance to share information and support a virtual team approach to comprehensive care aimed at ex-service personnel and their families.

Membership of the group is underscored by the commitment by the partner organisations to sign up and fully support the NHS armed services covenant.

The purpose of the group is to:

·         Form a strategic alliance of Nottinghamshire County and Nottingham City statutory and third sector providers of services who focus on the physical, mental health and social care needs of ex-service personnel and their families.

·         Support the development of an ex-service personnel’s health and social care virtual team.

·         Steer the implementation/use of resources specifically commissioned to support the development of pathways and support for ex-service personnel and their families.

·         Provide a focal point for discussion and support of the strategic development of services and care pathways aimed at improving health and social care outcomes for ex-service personnel and their families.

·         Provide a space/forum for local providers to network, share good practice, and enhance governance and quality to support an integrated service offer for the benefit of ex-service personnel and their families.

2.      Membership

·         The group will be chaired by the Clinical Director of Specialist Services for Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust.

 And will include in its membership representatives from:

·         Royal British Legion.
·         Combat Stress.
·         Criminal Justice agencies including probation and magistrates.
·         Ex-service personnel who have experience of using services.
·         Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust Service Managers.
·         NHCT Veterans peer support staff from a broad range of trust services.
·         SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens’ Families Association)
·         Forces for Their Future
·         Representatives from Armed Force establishments in Nottinghamshire City and County
·         National Veterans Mental Health Network
·         Administrative Support provided by PA to Clinical Director.
·         DCMH (Chilwell)

By Invite as required:

·         Trust Communications team
·         Any other representatives deemed appropriate to support the business of the group.

3.      Quoracy

The group shall be considered quorate where 40% of the membership is present and this includes:

Chair (or nominated deputy).

4.      Meeting frequency

The group will meet monthly. Dates will be confirmed annually.

5.      Objectives

·       Agree strategic priorities for the partnership.
·       Develop and disseminate information on integrated care pathways for ex-service personnel and their families.
·       Share good practice.
·       Develop a programme of work to be shared by group members.
·       Support the development of the Defence National Rehabilitation Centre in Nottinghamshire (DNRC).

Support and dissemination:
Ensure that the work of the group is adequately supported and effectively communicated.

Review Date:
To be reviewed annually.
DM 01/14

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